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Fabricio Di Santo



Founder of Trippydog Creative.  A team of highly skilled Creative Artists who are ready to handle all types of media projects, Editing, Coloring, Animation,  Motion Graphics,  Sound Design and Shooting Projects.

Fabricio has been actively working in video production for over 20 years. He is a seasoned professional who started in the business editing tape to tape until he transitioned to Media 100’s first generation of non-linear digital editing equipment and now is currently working with Final Cut Pro, FCP X. and Davinci Resolve.
He is a member of the International Cinematographers Guild of America.

Digital Imaging Technician - Local 600 Union.




The Gift-Digital Imaging Tech-On Set Colorist

Sinister 2-Splinter Crew Reshoot- Digital Imaging Tech

So Be It- Digital Imaging Tech- On Set Colorist

A Day in History-The Telephone- Editor/Colorist-Weird Fellas

Regresar- Director of Photography/Colorist-Lupi Films

The Slippery Slope-Digital Imaging Tech/Colorist-Dina Waxman

Twitter Kills- Digital Imaging Tech/Colorist-Brett Sorem

Blue Revised- Digital Imaging Tech-Imagined

The Purge 2 Anarchy- DIT-On Set Colorist-Universal Pictures

Milwaukee- Colorist-Catalano Productions

The Tiger Hunter- Digital Imaging Tec- Blue Velocity Pictures

San Andreas- Digital Imaging Tech-2nd Unit-Upside Down Prod.

Trails End- Digital Imaging Tech-Iamrosebud, LLC

The Good Lie- Digital Imaging Tech-2nd unit

Imagined- Digital Imaging Tech-Splinter Unit-Danny Collins Prod

Hush-Michael Kehoe- Digital Imaging Tech-Colorist

Birdman- Digital Imaging Tech-2nd Unit

5 Stages of Decomposition-Editor

A Karma Thing- Editor, Colorist, Sound Design





FX Upfronts-Digital Imaging Tech- FX Channel

Wilfred Season 3 Promo-Digital Imaging Tech- In A Garage, LLC

PARIS MOTOR SHOW INDUSTRIAL-Digital Imaging Tech-Mad Cow Films

The Bridge-Digital Imaging Tech-FX Channel

FX Networks-LA Branding-Digital Imaging Tech-FX Channel

Anger Management-Digital Imaging Tech-VictorHouse Films

FX Upfronts-Digital Imaging Tech-VictorHouse Films

FXX Demo Shoot-Digital Imaging Tech-Storm Studios

Ninty Episodes-Charlie Sheen Digital Imaging Tech-Social Studios

Sons of Anarchy Promo-Digital Imaging Tech-Social Studios

The Bridge-Promo-Digital Imaging Tech-Social Studios

"Comfortable" PROMOS-Digital Imaging Tech-Social Studios

American Horror Story Promo-Digital Imaging Tech-Firefly Entertainment

"Through The Lens"-Digital Imaging Tech-Firefly Entertainment

The Bridge-Digital Imaging Tech-Concord Productions

"LA Branding"-Digital Imaging Tech-Firefly Entertainment

Justified Promos-Digital Imaging Tech-Social Studios

Sons Of Anarchy Promo-Digital Imaging Tech-Social Studios

The Pool-Digital Imaging Tech-Social Studios

LA Branding-Digital Imaging Tech-Firefly

American Horror Story Promos-Digital Imaging Tech-Firefly

Scorpion-Digital Imaging Tec-CBS






Taco Bell-Digital Imaging Tech-Milagro Films, Inc.

Google-Digital Imaging Tech-Tool

Doritos-Digital Imaging Tech-Editor-Colorist-Sue Chipperton

Cadillac-Digital Imaging Tech-WhiteLabel

Amica-Digital Imaging Tech-OPositive

Tide-Digital Imaging Tech-Community Films

Mars Petcare-Digital Imaging Tech-Epoch Films

Pur Minerals-Digital Imaging Tech-Big Machine

Vicks-Digital Imaging Tech-Community Films

McDonalds-Digital Imaging Tech-Community Films

Cracker Barrel-Digital Imaging Tech-Paranoid US

TriCalm-Digital Imaging Tech-Station Film

Samsung Galaxy Camera-Digital Imaging Tech-DUO Films

Kia/League-Digital Imaging Tech-Colorist-FX/Loud Whisper

HP Dreamworks-Digital Imaging Tech-OPositive

Carl's Jr-Digital Imaging Tech-72 & Sunny

Lenovo "Yoga"-Digital Imaging Tech-Caviar

California Almonds-Digital Imaging LLC

Denny's-Digital Imaging Tech-Epoch Films

Squaretrade-Digital Imaging Tech-Epoch Films

Vicks-Digital Imaging Tech-Community Films

"HP Pine"-Digital Imaging Tech-Motion Theory

SHEBA-Digital Imaging Tech-Epoch Films, LLC

Durex-Digital Imaging Tech/Editor-Shai Harary

HBO on the Go-Digital Imaging Tech-HELLO!

Sunny- Green Man Digital Imaging Tech-VictorHouse Films

"CSPIRE"-Digital Imaging Tech-Caviar

Wells Fargo-Digital Imaging Tech-Milagro Films

FX - TUF-Digital Imaging Tech-VictorHouse Films

Ralph Lauren-Digital Imaging Tech-Colorist-Ralph Lauren Productions

Mars-Digital Imaging Tech-B Negative

LGT-Digital Imaging Tech-VictorHouse Films

Lowe's-Digital Imaging Tech Paranoid US

"Parallax"-Digital Imaging Tech Social Studios

Gucci-Digital Imaging Tech Skunk

Acura-Digital Imaging Tech/Colorist Truth Inc.

Kayak Digital Imaging Tech Loud Whisper

Purina Cat Chow "Growing Up" Digital Imaging Tech Avrett Free Ginsberg

Priceline Digital Imaging Tech Skunk

VOLKSWAGEN Digital Imaging Tech Cortez Brothers

El Monterey digital Imaging Tech Radical Media

LUX Digital Imaging Tech P.I.G. Commercials

Toyota Motor Co Digital Imaging Tech P.I.G. Commercials

Verizon Wireless Digital Imaging Tech ACNE Production

San Diego Zoo Digital Imaging Tech EPOCH Films

USA House Digital Imaging Tech POP Tube Media

Taco Bell Digital Imaging Tech Cortez Brothers

Kumho Tires Digital Imaging Tech POP Tube Media

Miki House Digital Imaging Tech P.I.G. Commercials

McDonald's Digital Imaging Tech Radical Media

Nexus Digital Imaging Tech Tool

Lenovo Digital Imaging Tech Caviar

CADILLAC Digital Imaging Tech Whitelabel

NatGeo Digital Imaging Tech Big Machine Design

Tide Digital Imaging Tech Community Films

Style War Digital Imaging Tech Smuggler

Maui Jim Digital Imaging Tech Radical Media Digital Imaging Tech Skunk

Johnnie Walker Digital Imaging Tech Smooth World

Aflac Digital Imaging Tech CO2 Films

Hyundai Digital Imaging Tech David Bishop Prod

Facebook Digital Imaging Tech Jefferson

Subaru Digital Imaging Tech Integrated Film Ind.

Princess Cruise Electric Danny Teason

Mitch Stone Essentials Digital Imaging Tech/Editor/Colorist Kontagious





Music Videos ft. Justin Bieber - That Power Digital Imaging Tech 

Interscope Records/Black Dog Films

DeLon "Pretty Girls" Music Video Digital Imaging Tech Rock Jacobs

Frank Ocean Music Video Digital Imaging Tech Nabil

James Blake Music Video Digital Imaging Tech Iconoclast

Polica Music Video Digital Imaging Tech Ramble West Productions

Stylewar Digital Imaging Tech Smuggler

Tom O'Dell-Short Film Music Video Digital Imaging Tech HSI London

CrazyTown Music Video Digital Imaging Technician/Colorist Shai Harary

Burn The Ballroom Music Video Digital Imaging Tech Catalano Productions

Another Love Music Video Digital Imaging Tech Challenged Productions









Work History: Film, Music Video, Web, Commercial, Internet, Television

Job Categories: Colorist, DIT, Editing, Camera Operator, Director of Photography

Are you willing to work unpaid?: Yes (Depending on the project)

Authorized to work in United States: Yes

Primary Citizenship: United States

Valid Passport: Yes

Prior Job Title 1: Editor

Prior Job Title 2: Colorist

Prior Job Title 3: Digital Imaging Technician



Trippydog Creative

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